Block – Accordion

2 January 2024

The accordion block allows content to be reduced and opened as necessary within the page. This is good for hiding text that might not need to be immediately available where a page may contain lots of different options.

The accordion block can be added by selecting ‘accordion’ from the design section after clicking the blue + icon at the top right of the editor or by typing / as described below:

Adding New Blocks

Blocks are selected in WordPress by pressing the large, blue plus icon at the top left of the Block Editor or by typing a / at the start of a new paragraph, which will show the most commonly/recently added blocks by default. You can then enter the name of the block you are trying to add and it will update the list as you type.

After an accordion has been added – the title which appears within the open/close area is added from the right-hand Block options. There is also an option to have the accordion open by default here.

Content for the area which is opened and closed is added and can include other blocks such as images/lists etc.

Accordion Item which opens and closes

I am the content of the accordion and my content is open by default.

An older woman wearing a health band and playing a flute