Our five year plan

The Taskforce for Lung Health’s five year plan sets out a framework to improve the nation’s lung health and provide better care for people with lung disease.

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1 in 5 people live with lung disease. Countless more are affected supporting those they’re close to. 

Despite this, there is no comprehensive national plan in place for lung health. It has not been considered a priority until now.

There has been no improvement in outcomes for people with lung disease for more than 10 years. While other countries have made significant progress, the UK has been left behind, and so have people with lung disease and their families.

Pictured: John, who lives with COPD, and his wife Atsue.

The Taskforce for Lung Health is a unique collaboration between experts in lung health, including patients, health care professionals and academics.

This is our call for action to decision makers to take steps now, without delay, to improve lung health in England by implementing the Taskforce’s recommendations. We want to create a society where everyone can thrive with healthy lungs and have a better chance to live well and work when lung disease is diagnosed.

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Pictured: Margaret, who lives with COPD.

There is much in this report that has the potential not only to improve health for the whole population, but to reduce inequalities in health.”

Michael Marmot, Director of Institute of Health Equity UCL and President of British Lung Foundation Read Michael’s Inroduction to the plan

For the first time ever, respiratory, along with cardiovascular disease, is an official priority in NHS England’s long-term plan.

This recognition is long overdue, and extremely welcome. NHS England is planning to focus on areas including preventing lung disease, early and accurate diagnosis and pulmonary rehabilitation. But there is clearly lots more to do beyond these specific areas.


Pictured: Jay, who lived with COPD.

The Taskforce stands ready to work with the government and policy makers across the whole health and care system to achieve sustainable and meaningful change.

Penny Woods, Former Chief Executive, British Lung Foundation Penny’s introduction to the report