Block – Breakout

2 January 2024

The Breakout Block allows styling like that of the paragraph below:

Adding New Blocks

Blocks are selected in WordPress by pressing the large, blue plus icon at the top left of the Block Editor or by typing a / at the start of a new paragraph, which will show the most commonly/recently added blocks by default. You can then enter the name of the block you are trying to add and it will update the list as you type.

To add a Breakout Block press / and start typing ‘breakout’ and the block will appear. Alternatively use the + icon top left of the editor and scroll down to the ‘design’ section of the block list and select ‘breakout’.

When the block appears you can click within it to add other blocks such as text/images in the same way you can on the rest of the page. The only setting on the right settings area is the specification of the title if you want a title to appear at the top of the dotted surround, but titles are not necessary if not wanted.