Block – Quote Panel

2 January 2024

The quote panel is used to add a full width blue panel with a quote inset into it with specific quote styling. The actual block is at the end of this page, but here is how it appears in the editor.

Adding New Blocks

Blocks are selected in WordPress by pressing the large, blue plus icon at the top left of the Block Editor or by typing a / at the start of a new paragraph, which will show the most commonly/recently added blocks by default. You can then enter the name of the block you are trying to add and it will update the list as you type.

The text for this block is entered from the right-hand panel rather than clicking directily into it (There are technical reasons why one approach is preferable to the other). This includes the quote text itself, a citation, and button text/link if desired. Images are also optional, but helps make the panel more visually engaging and highlights the quote.

I am a new quote edited from the right hand panel.

An image can also be added here, together with Citation, and button text with link URL

I am the citation Hello Button